Notice of Death (electronic)

Where a deceased registered proprietor holds as joint tenant, this dealing is used to register the surviving joint tenants(s) as proprietor(s) of the estate - section 101 of the Real Property Act 1900.

An electronic Notice of Death can only be used for an estate in land.

The following are not eligible to be lodged electronically (a paper Notice of Death should be used in these circumstances) where

  • an interest in land is affected

  • a life estate and an estate in remainder is affected

An electronic Notice of Death requires                                               

  • a CoRD Holder Consent - see CoRD Holder Consent requirements to identify which type of consent needs to be provided.

  •  a copy of the Death Certificate, Coroner’s Report or Medical Certificate which must be retained as part of the supporting evidence.
    Note A notice of death lodged by the NSW Trustee & Guardian does not require evidence of death.

  • completion of a Notice of Sale.

For information to assist with completing a Notice of Death electronically, see guidance notes for Complete a Notice of Death page.

Note  The estate of a company that is dissolved passes to the surviving joint tenant by lodgment of a paper Request form 11R accompanied by a certificate of dissolution of the company from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), see s25(2) Conveyancing Act 1919.