Withdrawal of caveat (electronic)

A Withdrawal of Caveat instrument is used by a caveator to remove a caveat from the land title.

An electronic Withdrawal of Caveat can be lodged where it affects the whole of the land.

An electronic Withdrawal of Caveat cannot be used (a paper Withdrawal of Caveat form 08WX (PDF 84 KB) may be used) in the following instances:

  • where the caveator is not represented by a legal practitioner or licensed conveyancer
  • that only affects part of the land in a folio of the Register
  • involving multiple caveators who are not represented by a single Subscriber
  • that does not affect all the caveators (when there are multiple caveators)
  • affecting a registered interest (e.g. a mortgage, lease or charge)
  • where an attachment is required, such as a copy of the probate
  • where the caveat is withdrawn by a person other than the caveator.

An electronic Withdrawal of Caveat does not require a CoRD Holder Consent.

For information to assist with completing a Withdrawal of Caveat in an ELNO, see ELNO guidance notes for Withdrawal of caveat.