Transfer of interest - mortgage or charge (electronic)

A Transfer of mortgage or charge instrument is used to register the transfer of ownership of an interest to another person or corporation.

An electronic Transfer of interest can be lodged currently for the following two scenarios

  • Where it affects the whole of the interest and all the registered proprietors; or
  • Transfer affects a proprietor's share in the mortgage or charge 

The following transfers of interest are not eligible to be lodged electronically (a paper Transfer form 01TL should be used in these circumstances)

  • Transfers affecting more than 20 Folios of the Register. 
  • Transfer of lease which requires stamp duty verification by Revenue NSW prior to lodgment.
  • Transfer of a Crown Land tenure term lease or a Crown Land Real Property Act lease requires completion of a Notice of Sale.
  • Transfers that need to be executed by a person other than the registered proprietor of the interest, such as a court officer or by a guardian when a person's estate is subject to management under the NSW Trustee and Guardian Act 2009. (Note transfers of interest executed under a Power of Attorney are eligible to be lodged electronically). 


A transfer of dutiable interest cannot yet be completed electronically in NSW. Therefore, a transfer of interest for a lease or sub-leases is currently not supported as they require duty assessment."

An electronic transfer of mortgage or charge requires a CoRD holder consent.

For information to assist with completing a Transfer in PEXA, see PEXA guidance notes for Complete a Transfer of interest page.