Request for urgency

A lodging party for a deposited plan, community plan or strata plan may request urgent examination and registration. The request should be made in writing and addressed to Eplan Administrator, Titling and Plan Services - NSW LRS.

A request for urgency of a plan lodged electronically may be made via the ePlan portal as a letter file. This should be at the initial lodgment.

When lodging a plan which is accompanied by a letter requesting urgency via ePlan you must select “Yes” in the box on the “Plan Details Tab” (this option is not available for re-lodgments) to advise TPS staff, as early as possible, of the request.

A request for urgency of a plan lodged by hand or subsequent to a lodgment via ePlan may be lodged via email to Eplan Administrator or in person at NSW LRS Retail Office.

The request should include reference to the plan number. A request for urgency will not be considered prior to lodgment of the plan.

Reason for request

The lodging party must provide reasons why the plan should receive priority. Titling and Plan Services will consider all requests and may grant urgency if the reasons are considered appropriate.

The granting of a request for urgency remains at the discretion of Titling and Plan Services.