Stratum boundaries

Stratum subdivisions are used to create stratum lots for disposal where vertical subdivision alone will not meet the requirements of the proprietor and the new lots are needed to be limited (either as to whole or part) in height and/or depth e.g.

  • Railway tunnels
  • Underground railway stations and associated shopping complexes
  • Leases of part of the airspace above a road for access between buildings
  • Subdivision of a building into stratum lots for separate use and/or ownership

Note  For deposited plans defining lengthy road, rail tunnels, etc see Road and rail tunnel developments page.

Definitions of terms used in defining stratum boundaries.


Definition of stratum boundaries by planes the height and depth of which must be related to AHD or other datum approved by the Surveyor General.


Examples of stratum boundaries diagrams of elevations and cross sections.


Stratum subdivision of a building or part of a building where shopping centres, commercial offices and residential home units occupy separate floors within the one building necessitates the preparation of a plan of stratum subdivision.


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