Signatures, seals, certificates and other endorsements relating to new plans must be endorsed on the Administration Sheet completed for inclusion with the plan when lodged either electronically or by hand at NSW LRS, Queens Square office, Sydney.

Completing a survey certificate as provided in Schedule 1 Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012, must be completed and signed by the registered surveyor.


Registered proprietors and affected parties a deposited plan which on registration will become a current plan or any plan that bears a specific statement of intention must be signed in the panel provided on the administration sheet.


Signing and witnessing of a plan, by the method appropriate to the situation, by every person or corporation with an interest in the land.


Prescribed authorities include government, semi government and corporate bodies authorised under any Act with the power to act as the dominant tenement of an easement, positive covenant or restriction on the use of land.


Administration sheet the approved form for signatures and removes the need to endorse signatures and seals on the plan drawing sheets.


For information on how to complete a statutory declaration see the Statutory declarations page and our fact sheet What is a statutory declaration? (PDF 196.4 KB).

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