Deposited plans and strata plans may now be lodged with NSW LRS either by hand at the Lodgment Counter, Queens Square, Sydney or electronically by an approved person through the NSW LRS online portal.

For more information on plan lodgment see:

Manual lodgment specified documentation is required for the manual lodgment of plans in NSW LRS.


Electronic lodgment (ePlan) a person must be an approved person to lodge plans electronically and can only be a surveyor registered in NSW, or a nominated representative of a surveyor's company, or an authorised representative of a NSW State government agency.


Request for urgency for priority examination and registration of a deposited, community or strata plan application may be made to the Deputy Registrar (Plans), NSW LRS.


Requisitions are sent to lodging parties and or surveyors for matters required to be addressed before a plan can be registered.


Rejection and re-instatement of plans notice of intended rejection is sent to the Lodging Party of a plan to which no response to a requisition has been received within the stipulated period.



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