Plan preparation

General standards for deposited plan preparation are contained in legislative Acts and Regulations.


Plan forms must comprise two parts, a standard plan drawing template and an administration sheet.


Dimensions for lengths, bearings, height and areas must be expressed as set out by NSW LRS.


Acceptable symbols shown on the face of the plan in respect of the survey definition are set out by NSW LRS.


Lettering and linework includes all alphabetical, numerical and symbolic characters and linework requirements.


Plan headings will be shown in the appropriate panels on the plan drawing sheet and the administration sheet.


Numbering of lots and sheets of parcels of land and sheets in a plan of a deposited plan must be numbered as set out by NSW LRS.


Showing physical structures stormwater detention basins, building envelopes, bridges, heritage listed trees, gateways etc may be shown on the plan provided the plan remains legible and uncluttered.


Plan statements must follow NSW LRS requirements.


Street addresses where available, the survey must indicate the street address for each lot in the plan for which titles will be created.



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