General standards

Statutory requirements for deposited plan preparation are contained in:

Plans must be prepared in a manner and scale that allows all details to be clearly reproduced by the copying processes used by the Registrar General. The standards apply to plans prepared by any method, including those to be lodged electronically via eplan.

  • Plans must be prepared on the Approved Form and be accompanied by administration sheets on the approved form. See information on Plan Forms
  • All Lettering and linework shown on the plan must be in dense black ink. The use of any other colour is not acceptable.
  • The boundaries of the subject land must be shown and include all Dimensions (bearings and distances and/or arcs, radii & chords). All lots must show an area.
  • The plan must show a north point which should be directed upward (not below horizontal). The orientation of the survey should be noted on the north point
  • The sites of any affecting interests (existing, intended to be created or proposed) should be designated by using alpha characters. Where the site covers more than one sheet of the deposited plan, the designations must be consistent
  • Plans must show all current adjoining information including the name and width ( and alignment details if applicable) of roads.

Extraneous information must not be shown on a plan. This includes statements referring to 'Limited Liability', 'Intellectual property' and/or 'Copyright'.