Lettering and linework


Lettering includes all alphabetical, numerical and symbolic characters. Lettering standards electronically are the same regardless of the method of preparation or lodgment.

See schedule 5 (plans lodged electronically) or schedule 7 (plans lodged by hand) of the Lodgment Rules.

Unless the Registrar General otherwise approves, all words must be in English language, all designations must be English alpha characters and all letters, numbers and other symbols appearing on a plan must be in a font style that is:

  • dense and black in colour
  • in upper case, except for the conventional lower case abbreviations for areas
  • open in formation and construction and
  • an upright style.


The following minimum character height/line thickness ratios for plans are recommended:

Lettering Character height Line thickness
Dimensions (bearings and distances) 2.5 mm high 0.25 mm
Areas and notations 3.5 mm high 0.35 mm
Lot numbers and road names 5 mm high 0.5 mm


Lines should be of a permanent dense black medium and of uniform thickness.

All parcel boundaries should be shown by unbroken lines.

Connections and the site of affecting interests should be shown by broken lines.

Boundaries of the subject land should be defined by marginally thicker linework.

Small details, including short lines, which cannot be clearly shown in the body of the deposited plan, should be depicted by the use of diagrams at a larger size.