Pipeline plans

The Minister for Energy administers the Pipeline Act 1967 to allow for the efficient and economical transportation of petroleum and natural gas products over long distances. The Act is flexible enough to provide for the acquisition of land and easements to facilitate the construction, maintenance and operation of pipelines to carry any substance, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, suitable for transportation by pipe, but does not automatically extend to all types of pipelines. Pipeline plans are lodged in NSW LRS under the provisions of the Act to define the location of the pipelines and to register the necessary easements on affected certificates of title.

A pipeline plan can be prepared affecting Torrens Title, Old System and/or Crown Title land.

Permits and licenses must be obtained from the Minister for Energy to enter lands for the purpose of investigating possible routes for the proposed pipeline(s).


Plan requirements a pipeline plan (DP 499xxx series) defines the site intended to be acquired.


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