Showing physical structures

A plan of survey must define and locate any substantial structure (eg building, retaining wall, fence etc) that is located within one metre of the boundaries of the parcel (see Clause 64(1)(e) Surveying and Spatial Services Regulation 2012).

The location of other physical structures (stormwater detention basins, building envelopes, bridges, heritage listed trees, gateways etc.) may be shown on the plan provided the plan remains legible and uncluttered. Any such site or structure must be fully defined by dimensions and connected by measurement to a corner of the parcel.

The usual compiled plan guidelines apply (parallel or perpendicular to the parcel boundaries) or the site must be defined by survey.

Ancillary pipes, conduits, cables, driveways and other associated works are considered 'works as executed' and must not be shown on the face of the plan. However, easements and/or covenants may be created for these services in the usual manner.