The following applies to Torrens Title land and Water Access Licences.

A requisition is a letter raised against a lodgment case setting out issues that need to be addressed by the lodging party before the case can proceed for further examination and registration. Requisitions can be raised electronically in the NSW LRS business System used for lodgment and processing of documents or may be raised manually using a form letter on NSW LRS letterhead. 

Requisitions are usually given two months to be satisfied. Where requisitions are not satisfied within that time an automatic 28 day reminder notice is sent. 

If a lodging party is having difficulty satisfying a requisition they may request an extension of time in writing detailing the reasons for that request. The request is to be submitted to the Client Services Counter or emailed to within the requisition timeframe. Extensions can be granted up to three times for a month at a time.

Delivery of Requisitions

Requisitions are delivered to the NSW LRS document collection box, email address or postal address of the lodging party.

A lodging party must ensure their address details are correct and kept up to date.

See Correspondence and delivery page for more information 

Requisition Fees

When a Requisition is raised a separate requisition fee invoice will be forwarded to the lodging party.

Subsequent requisitions that may be raised in response to action taken by the lodging party to alter a document may attract a new requisition fee.

Inquiries regarding clarification of requisitions may be personally addressed to the Supervisor, Client Services Counter, the Team Leader of Personal Lodgments or the Team Leader of Bulk Lodgments. This may result in the requisition being waived and fees refunded.

Requisition Review Process

A request to waive a requisition sent in relation to a dealing, application, or caveat must be made by the Lodging Party. The Lodging Party must fill out the Request for Review of Requisition Form.

The form is to be submitted to the Client Service Counter or emailed to within the requisition timeframe and before registration of the document.

If the review is successful the requisition will be waived and the fee will be cancelled/refunded. The lodging party will be notified of the outcome. All requisitions raised in a letter will need to be waived before the fee is cancelled/refunded.

Satisfaction of a Requisition

The lodging party is responsible for all requisitions raised. Only a lodging party or their representative with written authorisation is allowed to uplift or otherwise gain access to documents in a lodgment case. A lodging party must attend the NSW LRS Client Services Counter between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday to uplift/relodge a paper document(s) and/or otherwise address requisitions. Any inquiries regarding a requisition should be directed in person to the Client Services Counter located in the main reception area of NSW LRS. Alternatively you may call the NSW LRS Call Centre on 1300 052 637.

If all requisition items are not addressed and issues rectified within the allowed three months, or extension period the case will be forwarded for rejection. All lodgment fees are expended by the examination process and will be forfeited if a case is rejected.

Satisfaction of a Requisition for an Electronic Dealing

If an electronic dealing does not require material alteration then the requisition may be satisfied by the lodgment of a paper document to NSW LRS. Supporting evidence to satisfy a requisition cannot be lodged electronically.

If an electronic dealing requires material alteration, the dealing cannot be uplifted. An equivalent paper dealing completed by the transacting parties must be substituted. The priority of the substituted dealing begins from the time of substitution.

Dealings lodged through Bulk Lodgment that cannot be accepted for lodgment

Where a dealing presented through the Bulk Lodgment facility is not able to be entered into the NSW LRS business system used for lodgment and processing of documents it will be deemed unacceptable for lodgment. All documents and associated paperwork affecting the particular case, including any accompanying Certificate of Title, will be returned to the Lodging Party through their NSW LRS Document Collection Box together with a covering letter detailing why the lodgment was not accepted. 

Dealings lodged through Personal Lodgment

Where a dealing lodged in the Personal Lodgment facility is found to be not in order for registration it may not be accepted for lodgment. The lodging party will be informed of the nature of any requisitions and may take the documents away for rectification.

Note: Personal Lodgment does not provide a pre-examination service.

Where a dealing accepted for lodgment in the Personal Lodgment facility is found to be not in order for registration a requisition will be raised as outlined above.