On 11 October 2021, the Real Property Amendment (Certificates of Title) Act 2021 commenced, which abolished the Certificates of Title (CTs) and the control of the right to deal (CoRD) framework. All existing CTs have been cancelled and CTs will no longer be issued. Existing CTs will not need to be produced, and CoRD holder consent will not be required, for a dealing or plan to be registered. All existing Guidelines subject to this change are currently being reviewed and will be updated to reflect these changes. For further information regarding the abolition of CTs, please see https://www.registrargeneral.nsw.gov.au/property-and-conveyancing/eConveyancing/abolition-of-certificates-of-title

Qualified title

Cancellation of caution form 17CC, used for removal of a caution from a qualified title.


Cancellation of caution by Official Search information, process and procedures.


Cautions all Qualified folios carry a caution notification in the Second Schedule.


Conversion action provides for the creation of a Qualified Torrens title.


Record a registered deed on a Qualified Title form 17QD, information and procedures.


Record a subsisting interest on a Qualified Title form 17QS, information and procedures.