Cancel recording of writ form 09WW information, process and procedures.


Writ form 09W information, processes and procedures.


Dealings by the judgment debtor or other persons information and procedures.


Time periods related to writs information on lodgment, currency, removal, dealings lodged and writ noted on Register and transfer by the Sheriff pursuant to writ.


Transfer pursuant to a writ the Sheriff may lodge a transfer of the estate or interest affected by a writ providing the estate or interest has been sold within the currency of the writ.


Unregistered dealing and incoming writ where an unregistered dealing that will remove the judgment debtor from the title is noted on the Torrens Title Register.


Writ recorded on the Register will not prevent registration of those dealings that are not prevented by a caveat.


Transfer by the sheriff pursuant to a writ the Sheriff of the Court may, pursuant to the writ, sell the land of a judgment debtor in order to recover the moneys owed to a judgment creditor.