Strata title schemes

Amendment of a strata management statement form 11R and related information.
Amendment of strata development contract form 15SA information, processes and procedures.
Change of address of owners corporation form 15CA information, process and procedures.
Consolidation of By-laws by the Owners Corporation of a Strata scheme to clarify the registered changes of bylaws affecting the scheme.
Consolidation/Change of by-laws for a strata scheme - form 15CH information, process and procedures.
Initial period as set out in the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015
Notice of Conversion of strata lot to common property form 15CD information, process and procedures.
Notice of Lapsing of a Strata Renewal Plan affecting a Strata Scheme form 11R and related information
Notice of Strata Renewal Plan affecting a strata scheme form 11R and related information
Order affecting a strata scheme by the Civil and Administrative Tribunal form 15SO information and procedures.
Order of Land and Environment Court giving effect to a Strata Renewal Plan form 11R and related information
Schedule of unit entitlement a Strata plan must show a Schedule of Unit Entitlement.
Strata By-law legislation related information on Strata By-law legislation
Termination of a strata scheme form 15ST information, processes and procedures.