Transfer affecting share folios

A transfer by one tenant in common is registered on that tenant's folio only. A transfer affecting the whole of the land is registered on all of the folios.

Consideration must be given to consolidation of share titles if registration of the transfer will result in all the titles being held in the same ownership.

A separate Request Form 11R is required for the issue of separate certificates of title for each share. 

Staff processing information

If all of the certificates of title for the shares accompany the transfer, the case must be referred to SM99 for registration and preparation of a consolidated title (for NOS purposes).

If all of the certificates of title do not accompany the transfer, a 28 Day Notice Of Intended Registration form 10-0180 must be sent to the lodging party advising that if all the certificates of title are produced a consolidated title will be issued. If the titles are not produced within 28 days or the lodging party declines the offer, the dealing will be registered without consolidation.