On 11 October 2021, the Real Property Amendment (Certificates of Title) Act 2021 commenced, which abolished the Certificates of Title (CTs) and the control of the right to deal (CoRD) framework. All existing CTs have been cancelled and CTs will no longer be issued. Existing CTs will not need to be produced, and CoRD holder consent will not be required, for a dealing or plan to be registered. All existing Guidelines subject to this change are currently being reviewed and will be updated to reflect these changes. For further information regarding the abolition of CTs, please see https://www.registrargeneral.nsw.gov.au/property-and-conveyancing/eConveyancing/abolition-of-certificates-of-title

Native vegetation property agreement

Note Native vegetation property agreements dated after 1 March 2007 MUST NOT be accepted for lodgment.

Request form 11R (PDF 150 KB)

Dealing type - R

Legislation - Native Vegetation Conservation Act 1997 (Repealed)

(A) Stamp duty - not required

Certificate of Title - not required

NOS form - not required

Standard form of Caveat - does not prevent registration.

Priority Notice noted on the Register - see Priority Notice page.

Note  A Native Vegetation Property Agreement noted on the Torrens Title Register has no effect on any other dealings.

A plan annexed to the Request is not liable to a plan fee. The plan must be signed by all parties to the dealing and comply with the requirements for microfilming. The plan is for identification purpose only and is not required to define the site by dimensions or connections to lot boundaries. Details of the aerial photograph used to prepare the plan must be stated on the plan. The plan does not require examination and reference to the plan is not included in the notification.

Click here for a Conservation Agreement or Nature Conservation Trust Agreement.

Click here for the Removal or variation of a Native Vegetation Property Agreement.

(B) The reference to title for the land affected by the request must be stated.

(C) Does not apply.

(E) The full name of the applicant must be stated. The applicant may be the registered proprietor or the relevant statutory authority.

(F) A short description of the nature of the request must be stated.

(G) Full details of the request must be stated.

The details of the Native Vegetation Property Agreement must be stated.

The Agreement must be registered in the General Register of Deeds and the Book and Number must be stated. It must be established that the registered proprietor and the owner stated in the Agreement are identical.

Note  If it is clearly stated that the Agreement is for a specified term, the expiry date will be included in the notification. The notification will be removed by any dealing registered after the term has expired.

(H) Where the applicant is the statutory authority the dealing must be executed by an authorised officer (the name of the authorised officer and capacity must be stated) and be witnessed.

Where the applicant is the registered proprietor the dealing must be executed by the registered proprietor and be witnessed, or be executed on the applicant's behalf as follows:

Attorney and witnessed Solicitor or Barrister Authorised Officer and witnessed Licensed Conveyancer
Applicant Tick Tick Tick Tick

See execution requirements for companies, witnesses etc.

(I) Not to be completed (see NOS form above).

See Baalman And Wells, Land Titles Office Practice, Lawbook Co. 2001 [494.700].

Staff processing information

If in order proceed with registration.

Registration procedure


PRIME CODE    NVPA  (Native Vegetation Property Agreement)

DETAILS    See Deed Bk ... No ... Expires ... (if appropriate).