Authorisation to attend to another surveyors plan

In order to ensure the validity of requests authorising a surveyor to attend to another surveyors plan, the following procedures will be adopted:

  • All requests must be forwarded to the Business Administrator, Titling and Plan Services, Titling and Registry Services, NSW LRS.
  • The Business Administrator will vet the request and decide if the request is new or a continuing matter.
  • New requests will be numbered and entered in the 74M1977 file before it is forwarded to the Manager, Cadastral Integrity, Information Sourcing, NSW LRS (Sydney).
  • Cadastral Integrity will determine the validity of a new request and return the request to the Business Administrator.
  • A request on a continuing matter will be dealt with appropriately and, if necessary, an entry will be made in the 74M1977 file and the data base updated to reflect any changes to the situation.
  • The Business Administrator will ensure the numbered request is attached to the 74M1977 file, an appropriate entry is made to the minutes of that file and the electronic database is updated to reflect the request.

Note  Where the surveyor who prepared the plan has since deceased, the executors/administrators of his/her estate must contact the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information of New South Wales who will, after due consideration, appoint another licensed surveyor to have the carriage of any unfinished work.

A copy of the Boards letter of appointment of the new surveyor should be forwarded to the Manager, Cadastral Integrity, Information Sourcing, NSW LRS who will direct an entry in the 74M1977 file. All surveyor databases in NSW LRS will then be updated appropriately.