Plans of redefinition

A plan may be lodged in NSW LRS as a deposited plan redefining a parcel so as to include accreted land or title ad medium filum. A deposited plan may also be lodged redefining the original boundaries of a parcel to show the correct dimensions and area of the land.

 An easement plan may only define the site of an easement in relation to existing parcel boundaries, not the remaining parcel boundaries and therefore may not be used for redefinition.

In all cases the plan must be one of survey and should be accompanied by a report indicating the surveyors reasons for defining the boundaries in the manner shown in the plan.

As a general rule, where the consent of the adjoining owner of a redefined boundary is not furnished with the plan, NSW LRS sends notice of the redefinition plan to that owner. If no objection is made and the plan is otherwise in order, the plan will be registered.