Compiled subdivision plans

It is the policy of the Surveyor General for all new subdivision boundaries to be fully defined by survey. However in some exceptional circumstance (of a humanitarian nature) an exemption may be given to prepare a compiled plan of subdivision. Prior written approval must be sought from the Plan and Title Advisor. The approval number should be added to the margin of the plan following the surveyor's reference.

The approved compiled plan of subdivision:

  • must be shown to be reliable by survey plans on public record
  • define all boundaries by bearings and distances disclosed in the base survey plan
  • mathematically close to an acceptable standard
  • be endorsed with a completed subdivision certificate, and
  • comply with all general requirements for deposited plans as regards drawing standards, areas, headings, easements, signatures etc.

A compiled plan of subdivision will not be acceptable where:

  • the base survey plans are old or unreliable
  • the base survey plans disclose structures or occupations close to or encroaching across the boundaries
  • the sites of any new easements do not comply with the guidelines for compiled easement plans
  • the title of the base plan is subject to a 'Limitation' notification
  • the plan creates new lots fronting riparian boundaries and the location of the new parcel corner has not been previously defined in a plan of survey.

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