Partial survey plans

A partial survey can be undertaken where it is intended to subdivide a large parcel of land, in circumstances where the cost of a full survey would be prohibitive or the residue lot will be subject to further development.

The partial survey must define:

  • the new subdivision line(s)
  • the terminals of the subdividing line(s), and
  • the intercepted boundaries.

NOTE: When a Plan of Subdivision is partially surveyed and creates a residue lot, the residue lot should be shown to the same standards as the base plan. Where the compiled residue lot comprises more than one prior title, full bearings and distances must be shown for the residue lot. Examples of partial surveys are listed below:

  • new lots were surveyed and the residue compiled on the basis that another plan was to follow to subdivide the residue - DP1242605
  • subdivision with terminals and subdivision boundary only - DP1252479
  • subdivision with surveyed terminals and the new subdivisional boundary (survey one lot and compiled residue) - DP1255603, DP1250978
  • survey lot and compiled residue to same standard as base plan - DP1250746

NOTE: If your plan complies with the above requirements, then prior approval from the Plan and Title Advisor is not required and reference '20M (Partial)' should be shown next to the Surveyor's Reference on the Administration Sheets and deposited plan.

Please click the following link for the Compiled Plan and Partial Survey Approval Request Form.